20% Discount on second tour
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Hello world! Greetings from Madeira to you all.

As you all already know, we’re based in Madeira Island, and we’re knonw for our Private Jeep Safari Tours with Off-Road Driving Experience.

Yes, you can drive our cars Off-Road in our tours. (Only if you want to of course).

Now that you got it, we also want to tell you that we do “Live Like a Local” tours, so you’ll get the full immersion on our culture and doings.

For that reason we offer lunch in Full-Day Tours, we’ll teach how to cook the Espetada, the traditional Madeira’s barbecue, like we locals do: meat, bread and wine. If you don’t eat meat we can arrange a solution with you. As we’re on a private tour, we’ll be glad to find something that pleases you. (And we’ll learn something new)

If this wasn’t enough, we will also lead you to the local bars we’re you can taste the real Poncha, the most traditional beverage here, made with sugar cane rum!

Sounds good?

We’re now launching a new campaign until 31th of December Of 2018 where, if you buy 2 private tours, the second one will have a 20% Discount.

20% Discount on second tour

20% Discount on 2nd Tour

20% Discount on second tour

20% Discount on 2nd Tour

This campaign is only available trough bookings on our website.

The bookings are per car, if you are a small group and you book two cars, you already have a 20% discount on the second one.

Or if want to do two excursions on different days you also get the discount.

Please go to www.panda4x4tours.com to book the tours you desire.

All are tours are spent 50% Off-Roading at least, but they are accessible to everyone, despite you experience level.

When possible we add up a more challenging obstacle so you can test your driving skills.

Here’s one example:

What are you waiting for? Book a Tour now!

Tours tend to get booked fast!

Drive yourself Off-Road? Private Tours? Safari Tours? Is it dangerous? Am I going to be able to drive the car? Is it for everyone?

funduras by winter

March 2017, love this day

Well, we understand that when you think of Off-Roading your mind just becomes flooded with thoughts.

Don’t Worry.

We won’t put you in any situation that you’re not prepared to handle.

We do normal tours, of the “Live Like a Local” kind. With Off-Road Driving Experiences.

All the paths we do are accessible to anyone, as long as you know what you are doing.

And we’re there all the way with you just to ensure that you are developing you’re off road driving skills and to help you build your confidence.

The truth is that sometimes someone is more adventurous and along the way we may find one or two obstacles apart from the normal track.

This video is one good example of the Panda’s 4×4 excellent off-roading capabilities.

Usually, our guide does the climb first just to show how easy it’s done. After people see how easy the car tackles the climb, they lose fear and face the challenge. Until this day, we never got stuck or in trouble. But we always collect awesome and cool moments.

Last but not least I will share you a video of some bloopers and situations we had when we were developing our business, hope you enjoy!

Now that you’ve seen what we can do, go to the Panda 4×4 Tours website and book a tour now! Please!

  • André at Pico do Areeiro - Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Pico do Areeiro - Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Local lunch with Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Boca dos Namorados - Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Pico do Areeiro 2 - Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Carnival Tuesday
  • Pico das Maminhas with Panda 4x4 Tours
  • Santo da Serra with Panda 4x4 Tours
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As you already know, we at Panda 4×4 Tours are specialized in providing outstanding Off-Road Driving Experiences here in Madeira Island, Portugal. We only do Private Tours, so we can always give our costumers full attention and to be able to teach them really the basic concepts of off-road driving while we show them the local way of living. This is the story of a german couple we were lucky to have met while they were spending vacation during Carnival season here in Madeira.

Carnival with Panda 4×4 Tours and André’s family

André, the big german in the photo (he has italian roots, hence the name) was already an experienced off-road driver. He owns a Ford Ranger Wildtrack in Cologne and on their 4th time in Madeira they wanted to do something different. And he wanted to drive himself off-road here. So, we did a custom tour for him, with more time driving off-road and less sightseeing and what I can tell you is that he booked the second tour and is already thinking of buying a Panda 4×4 himself, to go play in the mud or snow in Germany with his brother.

The first time we did a variation of our #1 Tour – On Top of The World. We just connected after some off-road and Poncha and André immediately wanted to book a second tour if he had time. This time we drove our most classical Fiat, the Sisley 4×4. As everyone, André was astonished with the Panda 4×4 handling and easiness of driving off-road. And also it’s off-road abilities.

Pico das Maminhas – Panda 4×4 Tours

The second day we went Off-Roading we chose to do a variation of #2 – Sea & Woods and André had the chance to try our other car the Fiat Panda 4×4 Country Club, a more recent car with another engine, but as capable as the first one.


We just want to share with you that André went back to Germany thinking of buying a Fiat Panda 4×4 for himself… Hummmm…

We hang with them for a little bit more after the tours, here are some of the photos highlights we took when we were together.

Last but not least we have a short video of our off-road fun with them here:

We just want to share with you that André went back to Germany thinking of buying a Fiat Panda 4×4 for himself… Hummmm… So he can play in the snow and in the as he did with us back there!

And you? What are you waiting? Come and write your own story with us! You have to try it for yourself…

You can and should follow us at:

Ancient Tree on Sea & Woods and Soul & Essence
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We grew loving Madeira island!

The nature that surrounds us is just mindblowing!

It’s just incredible as an island so small can deliver so much beauty!

We always tell our customers that there’s an Island seen from the normal roads and there’s another Madeira that you will only find out when you get off the tarmac. We’re glad that these two found the time to experience it for themselves!

If you’re interested in a private tour or an off-road driving experience book a tour with us.

You can know more about us in:

See you soon!
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