Panda 4×4 Tours – Christmas Celebration

Merry Christmas everyone!

We at Panda 4×4 Tours, wanted to celebrate Christmas with some of our closest friends.

We brought our Panda 4×4 and some of them brought their Jeep’s. For some it was the first Off-Road Driving Experience.

And what a day we had!

We did a variation of our tour Breathtaking Laurissilva and everyone loved it.

This is a small video our dear Brazilian friend Karla Alcântara made from our tour.

It rained all day, but we managed to have a blast!

We want to thank you Karla, for all the pictures and videos you filmed and passed to us.

But, most of all we want to thank you for all the passion and the good vibe you use in everything you do!

Well, Winter is coming, and it’s the best time for Off-Roading!

We’ll be adding more videos as soon as possible, follow us at:


Panda 4×4 Tours In Madeira Island Magazine

We at Panda 4×4 Tours just appeared in Madeira Island Magazine.

Madeira Island Magazine is a free magazine that you can find in every hotel in Madeira Island that for many years brings us the best to do, eat and see here in Madeira Island.

The header of our article in Madeira Island Magazine

Now it was our time to show, we’re we recommend a full-day tour on a rainy day.

As you already know, we’re specialized in private tours, with off-road driving experiences, so we can provide you a lot of fun and adventure on a rainy day!

Instead of saying in the hotel waiting for the rain to stop why not take advantage of it?

What to do in a rainy day with Panda 4×4 Tours?

Well, the best is for you to read it for yourselves!

For more informations on tours and bookings please go to:


Why try Poncha with Panda 4×4 Tours: The must know story behind Madeira’s Poncha!

If you ever came to Madeira and you never tried a Poncha… Well, are you sure you’ve been on vacation or business in Madeira?

Poncha is one of “Madeira’s Must Try” drink, almost more important than Madeira Wine. After local beer, Poncha is the drink most people have! Everyone’s drinks it, so why don’t you?

Poncha is a local drink that people in Madeira drink since the first settlers came to Madeira.

Madeira in the beginning, was widely know for it’s sugar cane production.

People harvesting sugar cane in ancient Postcard

People harvesting sugar cane in ancient Postcard

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Espetada: Traditional Madeira’s barbecue

Espetada is a traditional dish from Madeira Island, Portugal. Espetada is a barbecue made with large chunks of beef flavoured with garlic and salt. In the old days people would roast it in a laurel stick, so the meat will get the laurel flavor from the stick.

Traditional Espetada in a Laurel stick

Traditional Espetada in a Laurel stick

Nowadays, as the Laurel Forest is protected usually people use Inox sticks to grill the meat and in that case you will flavour the meat with salt, garlic a laurel leaves.

The real Espetada, not the ones you taste at restaurants, will be eaten with local bread, usually “Pão de Casa”, a type of bread with sweet potato, or other typical bread like “Pão de Santana” with butter. You woul place the chunks of beef in the bread so it can absorb all the juices from the meat and you eat the bread at the end, after the meat.

Pão de Casa da Madeira

Pão de Casa da Madeira

Usually, you will drink “Vinho Seco”, a cheap wine from Madeira with Espetada.

In the last years Espetada and Bolo do Caco has became the beef’s main dish in Madeira’s cuisine, so you can taste it everywhere.

Usually, in a restaurant, Espetada will be served with Milho frito (fried corn in English) French fries and salad. Join Bolo do Caco and a good wine and you’ll an awesome meal.

This is very good. Really good. But it’s not traditional!

If you want to taste the real Espetada, like the people from Madeira cook it on their homes or their picnic’s, you have to come with us.

We deliver the real deal!

Espetada Cooking Experience

Espetada Cooking Experience

Out in the opening, you will have the proper cooking experience after our Private Tour and our Off-Road Driving Experience.

It’s easy to cook, it tastes wonderfully, and you learn how to do it so you can take it with you abroad.

It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

This experience is only available trough our Full-Day Tours, Breathtaking Laurissilva and Soul & Essence or trough our custom/tailor made tours.

You’re in Madeira and you want something different than the regular tours?

Do you want something more Private and that suits you more?

Do you want to experience the local way of living?

You can have all of this with us! Book us now at our site:

Tailor made tours in Madeira Island

You’re in Madeira and you want something different than the regular tours?

Do you want something more Private and that suits you more?

The best way for you is to build your own personalized tour.

We love challenges and we we’ld love to build you a custom tour or tailor made tour.

If you reach out to us in advance we will try to do our best to meet you requirements.

We at Panda 4×4 Tours have been doing these tours for quite some time.


Whether you want something with more Off-Road driving, walking in our Levadas or even snorkelling, we’re the right people to get in contact with.

Or if you just want to go all around the Island in a cool classic car, with a double open roof top, getting the warmth of the Sun in your face while you enjoy the awesome sights that Madeira has to offer, we’re also the right people for you!

Off Road Driving With Panda 4x4 Tours

Off Road Driving With Panda 4×4 Tours

In full-day we can also offer you a cooking experience, where you’ll learn how to cook your own Espetada, a traditional meat on a stick dish from Madeira.

Espetada Cooking Experience

Espetada Cooking Experience

We love Madeira and we’re Outdoor enthusiasts. There’s a lot to do and see in Madeira.

So, whatever you want to do, please challenge us!

The truth is that we’ll show you things that regular tourist won’t even dream of seeing or visiting in Madeira.

Please get in contact trough our email in our site & Social Media:

Private Tours in Madeira with Panda 4×4 Tours – 10 reasons why you should book a tour with us

Panda 4×4 Tours is a company based in Madeira Island that only do Private Tours. We also provide Off-Road Driving Experiences and Local Food Cooking Experiences, but always trough our private tours.

Private Tours for us is the best way to get to know Madeira Island at your own pace.

Tired of being on those tours crowded with people, a guide always feeding you with too much information, most of it you really don’t care about?

Always running from one place to another because we have an schedule to meet?

So many people around the guide you can’t even make a question?

On our Private Tours we try to make you fell like you’ve visiting a local friend and he’s showing you around is marvellous Island.


We’re not very fond of the normal, typical tourist made tours.

So, if you’re looking for one of those, maybe it will be better to book a bus tour.

The are several advantages on booking an private tours with us. Here are the 10 major reason why book a tour with us:

  • We already have “made packages” where you can choose what to do and see, so you can get the most of Madeira’s in the shortest time.

  • We adapt to every costumer we have, so many times you do a tour that others don’t, and we can show you things that others wouldn’t be interested and you’ll be.

  • We do the tour you want to, in the day you want to. The regular Jeep Safari companies have a week schedule, so you can only go to those places in that day. With us, you book and we deliver.

  • You can have an relaxed trip with us, we do what you want, as we said before, we adapt to you.

Paul Beel

  • We can do custom tours. If you know what you want to do, you ask us and we deliver. Is that simple.

  • You can drive our car. You can have an Off-Road Driving Experience in all of our packages. Only if you want to try it of course. (But we believe you should, what is life without a bit of adventure?)

  • We deliver a mix between a regular Jeep Safari and a Buggy Tour, with all the benefits of these two and none of the drawbacks. (You won’t be in a Jeep packed full of people or get all muddy, wet and dirty as you sure will on a buggie).

  • All of our cars have double open roof top, so we can open them or close them at you will, you’ll never get too hot or too cold with us.

  • We only stop at local bars, not tourist bars, so you can really have that true local experience.

  • On Full Day Tours, lunch is included and we we teach you how to cook your own Espetada!

So, we believe there’s plenty of reasons to book a tour with us!

Book a tour here, and come live like a local for a day!

Book now, please!!!

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See you soon

Is Madeira Island a destiny for old people? 16 things youngster will love

Quite often the travelers we get to meet here tell us that they though Madeira Island was a destiny for old people.
They came here to get some sun and a nice weather all year long.
But then they realized that Madeira is much more than that, is for sure a place for adventure and, of course, a lot of fun!

Well, Madeira Island and Funchal offers excellent conditions to have a nice vacation for the older ones.

We have Five Star Hotels, good accessibilities, outstanding landscapes, marvelous viewpoints that you can get by car or bus, great weather all year round, nice food, etc.

Ok, but does this mean Madeira’s a place only for old people?

No, we don’t think so!

We just gathered 16 things that you will love to experience in Madeira! Youngster or not, you’ll love it!

Book and Informations

Madeira Islands – Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2017

Once again Madeira Islands has been chosen as this year Europe’s Leading Island Destination in 2017 by the World Travel Awards™.

World Travel Awards™ is a worldwide brand responsible for delivering the top places to travel and visit.

We’re very proud to have achieved the acknowledgement once again, after winning in 2013, 2014, 2016 and now again in 2017.

europes leading2

Well, we must be doing something right don’t we?

Or, we do really have an wonderful island to see, live, travel, visit, walk, climb, dive into!

The truth is that we know how to welcome the people that take the time to visit us, and we have a lot to do and see here in Madeira.

For all ages.

We’re just waiting for you to come…

So, please come and enjoy life with us!

Panda 4×4 Tours – World Tourism Day – Special Offer

So, today’s the World Tourism Day!!!

Happy day to us all!

We, at Panda 4×4 Tours are celebrating offering 10% discount trough our social media!!!

Nice, isn’t it?

Well, but we’ll go even further for the readers of our blog!

We’ll be offering 10% discount for the whole next week until the 7th of October for onsite bookings!!!

We’re waiting for you!

World Tourism Day - Special Offer


Shore Excursions in Funchal, Madeira with Panda 4×4 Tours

Coming to Funchal Port on a Cruise-ship and want to do something different, maybe adventurous?

This is the right service for you!

Panda 4×4 Tours is a Jeep Safari company, that only does private tours.

Usually we take 3 people at most at each tour, so it’s perfect for a small family or a couple.

Well, this is not entirely true, you can book 2 cars, and then we’re sure that we can accommodate almost everyone.

On a half-day you can go to some of the most interesting viewpoints of Madeira Island and you can even have an off-road driving experience at the wheel of our vintage Fiat Panda 4×4.

We’ll let you with a picture of Cabo Girão, that you can visit on our On Top Of The World tour:

Panoramic terrace (with glass floor) at the top of Cabo Girao (580 m highest) cliff - Camara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal

Panoramic terrace (with glass floor) at the top of Cabo Girao (580 m highest) cliff – Camara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal

If you have more time to spare, you can also book an Full-Day tour, where lunch in included and you’ll have the chance to learn how to cook your own Espetada, a traditional dish from Madeira.

You can see more of what we do at: